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planet escape

Travelling with children

Watch the ponderous behaviour of turtles, swim with the dolphins, see colourful toucans and indulge yourselves on secure and peaceful beaches. Why not take the kids with you for a family trip of a lifetime?

Building sand castles, encountering exotic animals such as turtles and dolphins, the tropical wildlife and the temples of Angkor Wat… exploring the world is so much fun, especially for children! Show your kids how diverse our world is, let them taste sweet pineapple or seafood, experience the pungent smell of durian, and move to the rhythms of folk music. Show them how differently people around the world live, the languages they speak and the tastes of their cuisines. Let your kids explore the world and explore it with them!

We arrange for you relaxing holidays in secure locations with easy access to medical assistance and good hotel facilities. When planning your family trip, we also take into account weather conditions, malaria distribution, water quality and even the number of people on the beach, everything so that you can keep a safe eye on your kids. With Planet Escape you can relax and discover exotic destinations together as a family at your own leisure!