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planet escape


Welcome to a parallel world, one ruled by lions and leopards, roamed by herds of elephants and interspersed with giraffes. Watch zebras graze, wildebeests race across the savannah and the hippos… well, just lazing about. Forget the forlorn animals found at the zoo – these wild  animals live in all the splendour and freedom of their natural habitat as nature intended. Staying in the heart of the Serengeti National Park and on the edge of the world’s biggest caldera, in Ngorongoro you can also discover the traditional lifestyle of the Maasai people and their rituals handed down through the ages and still extant today – such as the initiation rite where one becomes a man by killing a lion.

This is true Tanzania style, but you can also opt for Kenya or Sri Lanka. No matter what you choose, you ate assured that we take care  everything for you, including your own driver and chef, who travel with you in a private jeep. They'll help you get around and make sure you eat well and relax – all you have to worry about is the best angle to take pictures of the amazing wildlife from!

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