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15 days

Beaches and culture of Bali

From 1700 eur

Crystal clear water, over 17,000 heavenly islands, fabulously colourful fish, smoking volcanoes, Komodo dragons and the mystical temples of Bali -– these are just a few of the attractions Indonesia has to offer.

Indonesia is a fairy-tale-like compilation of rich colours -– blue sky, white sandy beaches, azure water, green lush tropical jungle and countless numbers of Balinese fish, fruit and temples. There are 17,000 beautiful islands to choose from and we've already picked the best places to invite you to. You'll be able to relax far from the urban hustle and bustle, cars and roads. After exploring the stupendous Balinese mountains and rice fields, we can take you to its cultural capital of Ubud and to the beautiful Gili Islands. 

When to go?

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15 days

Travel plan




Flight from Europe to Indonesia.


Beach of Bali

Leżak Mapa Impreza Zabytki Statek Surifing

On arrival in Bali you will be picked up by a personal driver who will take you to an elegant hotel designed in a traditional Balinese style and situated in a tropical garden directly on the beach of Seminyak -– the main tourist centre of Bali. With its multiple restaurants, bars and myriad of massage parlours, this is a perfect spot to start your holidays in Indonesia. Seminyak is also a good starting point for trips to other parts of Bali. 


The Balinese countryside

Leżak Trekking

After exploring the southern beaches of Bali, your driver will take you into the interior. You'll find yourself in a breathtakingly beautiful place which will introduce you to the authentic lifestyles of the local people. Every morning in the Balinese village, you'll be spared the touristy tumult and wake up to cock crow and the chirping of grasshoppers instead. Everywhere you look there will be rice fields tended by locals. Don't miss the chance to get a lovely massage and visit the local shaman. On the last day the driver will take you to the cultural capital of Bali –- Ubud.



Leżak Impreza Zabytki Trekking

Welcome to Ubud, where Balinese culture will reveal its secrets to you. Watch a  Balinese ballet, a trance-dance performed at a camp-fire by a hundred dancers and listen to traditional Balinese music known as "gamelan". The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is well-worth a visit, where thousands of monkeys live among the mystical Hindu temples. Also, inquire about Balinese art and handicraft – there are plenty of galleries and studios around!

For us the most impressive thing about Ubud was its symbiosis with the surrounding villages. This enables you to wander through the rice fields and after just a while find yourself tasting excellent Balinese cuisine in one of the restaurants or relax in a well-priced spa or massage salon. In short, Ubud will show you the best of Bali.


The heavenly Gili Islands

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling Statek

Today you move to paradise. The Gili Islands are a miniature enclave of peace just a stone’s throw from Bali. Instead of roads, it has tiny non-hardened paths, instead of cars horse carriages called cidomo. You can walk the coast of each island in just in a few hours.

The place is perfect for lovers of serene white beaches, who also seek comfort when it comes to holiday facilities. The place is peppered with excellent family restaurants -– try the daily catches of fresh seafood there! In the evening just sit back in a bar, listening to chill-out music and enjoying the moonlight.

With no cars or chance to get lost, the Gili Islands are a perfect destination for older people or those ravelling with children. We went there with our 65-year old parents and we all brought back amazing memories.


Back to Europe


Taking a catamaran to Bali and then flight back to Europe.


The above travel plan is just an example of what you might expect when travelling with Planet Escape. We tailor each travel plan to the individual client’s needs and we carefully select the right beach, accommodation, activities and the length of stay to suit your individual requirements.


Bali Beach

Our favourite spot on the beach of Seminyak is a luxurious complex of villas and bungalows designed in traditional Balinese manner. It is located in a serene garden, three minutes walk from the coast. That plus the proximity of the rice fields, bars and restaurants of Seminyak makes staying here the best possible choice.

Balinese countryside

This cosy boutique hotel is located in the heart of Bali island. There is a swimming pool, a restaurant which serves delicious local food and a massage salon to loosen up your body after a day's trekking. The hotel is tastefully designed in traditional Balinese style.


The hotel combined with its spa must be so far one of our best accommodation discoveries whatsoever. It is magically situated in a pristine tropical garden at the junction of two rivers the Balinese consider sacred. You'll be staying in one of two  bungalows with an adjoining terrace -– an opportunity to become even more familiar with the surrounding sounds, views and aromas of nature while relaxing over with your morning cup of coffee. If your ideal wake up call is the gentle murmuring of water and birdsong, then this is the place for you. Most incredibly, the centre of Ubud is only a few minutes walk away from this tranquil haven!

The Gili Islands

This resort consists of 11 bungalows and a swimming pool situated in serene gardens only 80 metres from the beach. In the rooms there is everything you might expect from a high standard hotel room: a super comfy bed, air-conditioning or fan, a bathroom with hot water. To complete the idyllic image, you'll also find a terrace with a hammock adjoined to each bungalow.


Food is one of the basic elements of Indonesian culture. It can be bought literally on every street corner, most often exceptionally cheap price. The nature of Indonesian cuisine reflects the wide range of available ingredients, the staples of which are nuts, chilli, fish and seafood, palm sugar and a variety of spices. From the Balinese specialities we recommend babi guling -– fresh pork stuffed with ginger, garlic and chilli and bebek betul –- duck stuffed with seasoning, wrapped in green banana tree leaves and coconut skins and then barbecued on glowing-hot coals. Yum! 

Price includes:

  • Round-trip flight Europe-Bali.
  • Accommodation (3 nights on Seminyak beach, 2 nights next to the rice paddies, 2 nights in Ubud, 5 nights on the Gili Islands).
  • Breakfasts.
  • All local transfers by  private car, boat and catamaran (Bali airport – Seminyak – Ubud – Gili Islands – Bali airport).
  • Insurance: Emergency Medical Expenses 30,000 EUR; Accident 4,000 EUR; lost luggage 500 EUR.
  • Escape Box including Escape Book, which is a bespoke guide book with detailed travel plans and instructions. In the Box you will also find printed flight tickets, vouchers and a surprise.

Price does not include:

  • Meals (except for breakfasts).
  • Horse carriage fare from Gili port to the hotel ($5); you can also take a 15 minutes walk along the coast.
  • Indonesian visa ($25 paid at the airport).
  • Admission tickets to tourist attractions.


The price above is only an estimate. A final price will be indicated in the offer  we prepare for you.