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planet escape

16 days

4 unbelievable islands

French Polynesia
From 2900 eur

Tahiti, Bora Bora, French Polynesia with its alabaster white sandy beaches and crystal clear water has for centuries been synonymous with the idea of “heaven on Earth”. Not really into Art? Here you can admire Gauguin’s masterpieces in the flesh.

If we were shooting the movie “Paradise on Earth” the choice of scenery would without question be Bora Bora and Tahiti in French Polynesia. The soothing romantic beaches make these islands look like the mythical Arcadia miraculously materialised in the 21st century. However, there's a lot more to this region than just the Eden-like setting seen from your bungalow perched over the water while sipping exotic drinks. It is also a perfect destination for leisure activities such as paddling through turquoise lagoons, exploring the interior’s lush jungles, splashing around with turtles and discovering the unique culture of Polynesia.

When to go?

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16 days

Travel plan




Flight from Europe to Tahiti with a transfer in Paris.


Welcome to Paradise

Leżak Mapa Nurkowanie Zabytki Snorkeling Statek Trekking

Arrival on Tahiti. Turquoise lagoons and golden beaches await! Tahiti is first and foremost the heart of contemporary Polynesian culture. You are about to find out why the Polynesians are considered to be the happiest nation in the world.


Mo’orea Island

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling Statek Windsurfing

Crossing the “Sea of the Moon” by boat will take you to the next island paradise of Mo’orea. People say that money doesn't bring happiness. Well, maybe, but buying a one-way ticket here might. ;) If you have ever dreamed of an idyllic isle covered with lush jungle as if from a Gauguin painting, it is unlikely you find a better place than here.


“Another day in Paradise” – Huahine island

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling Statek Trekking Windsurfing

The welcoming stewardesses of Air Tahiti will accompany you to another district of Eden, Huahine island. This is the spot to drop your watch in the ocean and take a break from the city blues. When you eventually have enough of contemplating picturesque lagoons, it's time to explore the lush greenery of the local mountains and pre-European marae constructed with large coral pieces. Apart from that, there's snorkelling, feeding the sharks, kayaking around the lagoons and a lot more!


Bora Bora

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling Statek Windsurfing

Bora Bora – whatever words we use here will not be enough to describe the sheer beauty of the place. Its status as one of the world’s most famous dream destinations says it all. Swimming in the transparent lagoons, snorkelling above the untouched coral reefs, sipping cocktails on your private bungalow’s terrace and wondering if life could possibly get any better? Yup, this is the right address. Welcome to Bora Bora. 


Leaving the Paradise


End of your holidays on the heavenly islands and return to Europe via Tahiti.


The above travel plan is just an example of what you might expect when travelling with Planet Escape. We tailor each travel plan to the individual client’s needs and we carefully select the right beach, accommodation, activities and the length of stay to suit your individual requirements.



A hotel situated on the biggest island of the French Polynesia archipelago, Tahiti. The resort area occupies 12 ha of lush green gardens and a superbly white beach.

Mo’orea island

The hotel is situated just halfway between green mountains and a tropical lagoon. The perfect location on the idyllic island of Mo’orea ensures that you will get to grips with the authentic local culture. 26 hectares of gardens and a swimming pool with a floating bar are fancy enough but for sport lovers, there's also swimming with dolphins or kayaking.

Huahine island

Unbelievably mysterious yet authentic and famous for its eco-friendliness, this hotel is situated between a lake, a lagoon and ancient ruins. The water here is of such a beautiful turquoise colour, that you can't stop yourself from jumping in!

Bora Bora

A wonderful place in the heart of tropical gardens. We highly recommend its traditional Polynesian restaurant which serves local specialities. Add swimming pools, the incredibly helpful staff and the most beautiful beaches and you will fall in love with this place. 


A typical Tahiti dish is ma’a Tahiti, a combination of taro root, breadfruit, cooked fish and coconut milk. For the less courageous, there's also French cuisine (who knows if not better than in France?) and a wide range of fresh fish – tuna, bonito wahoo, mahi mahi, grilled, fried or cooked for 1001 ways.

Price includes:

  • Round-trip flight Europe-Tahiti.
  • All the flights and other transfers in French Polynesia.
  • Accommodation (2 nights on Tahiti, 4 nights on Mo’orea, 4 nights on Huahine, 3 nights on Bora Bora).
  • Breakfasts.
  • Smorgasbord dinners on Bora Bora.
  • Insurance: Emergency Medical Expenses 30,000 EUR; Accident 4,000 EUR; lost luggage 500 EUR.
  • Escape Box including Escape Book, which is a bespoke guide book with detailed travel plans and instructions. In the Box you will also find printed flight tickets, vouchers and a surprise.

Price does not include:

  • Meals (except for breakfasts and dinners on Bora Bora).
  • Admission tickets to tourist attractions.


The price above is only an estimate. A final price will be indicated in an offer we prepare for you.