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planet escape

16 days

Brazil at its best

From 2350 eur

A world-famous carnival, samba, capoeira, music, a passion for life, dazzling white sand and caipirinha. This is life in Brazil, a country positively bursting with energy. Do you also feel like escaping the city rush and spending a few days in a cosy bungalow in the middle of the jungle? All this awaits you in this country resplendent with sun and laughter!

Brazilian culture’s main features are its intensity and vibrancy and you'll notice this immediately on arrival. Embrace the local atmosphere with its lively music, samba rhythm, and street artists. Admire the landscapes –- Rio de Janeiro region is a perfect composition of idyllic beaches, the clear waters of the Atlantic, picturesque mountains and humid rainforests. The jungle here is lusher and greener than anywhere else on Earth. Mangos and pineapples burst with aroma, Brazilian cachaca,– stronger even than Polish vodka– fuddles the brain and lively music surrounds you at all times. Salvador is full of energy and dancing but at night, when the street fiestas are quietening down, the locals still practise one of the variants of voodoo magic– candomble, –brought here from Africa centuries ago. Add excellent cuisine and the joy of life emanating from the locals and you may well realise you have found the perfect holiday destination.

When to go?

sun sun sun sun         sun sun sun sun
16 days

Travel plan




Flight to Rio de Janeiro.


Heavenly Rio de Janeiro

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling Surifing Windsurfing

On arrival – private transfer from the airport to Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is without doubt the most widely recognised symbol of Brazil, even if it hasn't been the capital for a few decades now. Who hasn't heard of Copacabana beach or the statue of Christ the Redeemer gazing down on the city? During your trip, you'll finally get the chance to see these with you own eyes! Apart from visiting numerous unique sites, monuments and museums you'll also embrace the local culture by experiencing samba street performances, listening to bossa nova (which has its roots in Rio) and street art. In the evening, it's nice to put your feet up in a cosy cafeteria, sipping a cup of Brazilian coffee or a glass of capirinha.

On the second day, we invite you on a day trip around Rio with a private guide. You'll have a chance to take part in a short cooking lesson taking place in a local house. Discover the secrets of Brazilian cuisine,– especially its unique aromas of suculent meats and delightfully sweet fruit.

On the last day – private transfer to the airport and then flight to Manaus. 


In the Amazon Rainforest


On your arrival in Manaus you meet our representatives and owners of an eco-lodge situated in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the beauty and power of nature in this place. During your stay in this small and quiet resort, you'll experience the very last Equatorial rainforest in the world, still untouched by human civilisation. The eco-lodge provides you not only with all meals, but also a programme for daily trekking through the forest with a qualified guide. You'll also enjoy boat cruises among the tropical wildlife. The last day in Amazonia can be spent discovering Manaus, after which there's a private transfer to the airport to catch your flight to the next magical destination -– vibrant Salvador. 


Spiritual Salvador

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Zabytki Snorkeling

On arrival you'll be met by a driver who'll take you to your hotel.

Few cities can match Salvador’s energy and raw vibrancy. The former capital of Portugal’s great New World is a genuine treasure of colonial architecture and Afro-Brazilian culture. Practically each night, among 17th and 18th century mansions and churches adorned with gold, the streets are flooded with party people and musicians. The pulsing rhythm of drums resounding through the night in the old city will transport you to a different reality. Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, Salvador also boasts gorgeous suburban beaches. The beaches located in the city centre are also surprisingly beautiful and relaxing – you can enjoy the company of Brazilians playing beach volleyball and sipping caipirinha. In the evening, we recommend a capoeira show, a mystical candemble voodoo ceremony or just to enjoy the never ending festival, be it on a street or a beach. 


Back to Europe


Today you say goodbye to the land of samba and fly back home.


The above travel plan is just an example of what you might expect when travelling with Planet Escape. We tailor each travel plan to individual client’s needs and we carefully select the right beach, accommodation, activities and the length of stay to suit your individual requirements.


Rio de Janeiro

Your hotel is situated just next to the ocean, which means that the view from your terrace will make your waking up and breakfast outside unforgettably pleasant. The rooms are spacious, of high standard and designed in good taste.

Amazon jungle

The eco-lodges you will be staying in are simple and comfy bungalows situated on the banks of the river Rio Negro, in the very heart of the Amazon forest. They are constructed from natural materials and according to traditional methods, which makes them ideal for nature lovers who want to observe all the unique wildlife around them. Staying here, you'll get a chance to take part in a bloodless cayman and piranha hunt, visit a village of the indigenous Desana tribe or the India rubber museum. You'll also acquire the basic rules of harmonious contact with the natural environment during your guided trek through the jungle. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try the local fruit, fish dishes and other Amazon specialties -– everything is as fresh and natural as it can get.  


Pousada where you stay in Salvador is situated a stone’s throw away from the beach in the best district of Barra. Barra is the beach and restaurant hub of Salvador, only 30 minutes walk from the fascinating yet chaotic Old Town. The pousada is an oasis of tranquillity and provides you with a simple but flawlessly neat place to stay. The owner of the place and our friend, Sean, will be happy to help you with all the arrangements and give useful tips for moving around the city.


Bahian and Amazon cuisine combines the culinary traditions of the Africans, Europeans and native Americans. Its main dishes are based on excellent Brazilian beef. This is why the most popular restaurants are churrasco bars where a wide range of barbecued meat dishes served on large skewers are available. What is truly unbeatable in Brazil is the seafood, especially Bahian moqueca made from prawns and fish. On every corner of Salvador you'll find traditionally-dressed women selling local specialties, but probably the most delightful meals you get there are the Brazilian breakfasts. Fresh juice, freshly baked crunchy bread and cakes make them possibly the best breakfasts on the globe. Not to mention the flavours and aromas of the local fruit – they deserve to have a separate book written about them! In the Amazon rainforests, the main ingredients are fruit gathered from the jungle and fish from local rivers – often prepared according to ancient Indian recipes. 

Price includes:

  • Round-trip flight Europe-Rio de Janeiro.
  • Flight Rio de Janeiro-Manaus.
  • Flight Manaus-Salvador.
  • Flight Salvador-Rio de Janeiro.
  • Accommodation (4 nights in Rio, 4 in Amazonia, 5 in Salvador).
  • All internal transfers.
  • Sightseeing in Rio with a local guide + cooking class in a Brazilian house.
  • All meals and trip itinery in Amazonia.
  • Insurance KL 30,000 EUR; NW 15,000 PLN; lost luggage 2,000 PLN.
  • Escape Box including Escape Book, which is a bespoke guide book with detailed travel plans and instructions. In the Box you will also find printed flight tickets, vouchers and a surprise.

Price does not include:

  • Dinners and suppers.
  • Admission tickets/sightseeing.


We reserve the right to change the estimated price since the cost of flights constitute the larger portion of the whole sum. The cost of those may be subject to change every week.