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planet escape

14 days

Afro-Brazilian State of Bahia

From 2000 eur

A world-famous carnival, samba, capoeira, spontaneous music, a passion for life, sugar-like white sand and caipirinha. This how life tastes in one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil – Salvador. 

The prdominat aspects of Brazilian culture are its intensity and vibrancy, especially in the magical Afro-Brazilian state of Bahia. Here, region the jungle is denser and greener than anywhere else on Earth, mangos and pineapples burst with flavour, Brazilian cachaca – stronger than Polish vodka – fuddles the brain and lively music accompanies you wherever you go. Salvador abounds with vitality and rhythm, but at night, when the street fiestas are quietening down, the locals are still practise one of the variants of voodoo magic – candomble – brought here from Africa centuries ago. 

When to go?

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14 days

Travel plan




Flight from Europe to the land of samba. 


Magical Salvador

Leżak Mapa Impreza Zabytki Snorkeling

Few cities can match Salvador’s energy and raw vibe. The former capital of Portugal’s great New World is a genuine treasure of colonial architecture and Afro-Brazilian culture. Practically each night, in the scenery of 17th and 18th century mansions and gold-laden churches the streets become crowded with party people and musicians. The pulsing rhythms of drums resounding through the night in the old city will quite simply transport you to a different reality. Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage Salvador also boasts gorgeous suburban beaches. Also, the beaches located in the city centre are surprisingly beautiful and relaxed – you can enjoy the company of the Brazilians playing beach volleyball and sipping caipirinha. In the evening we recommend a capoeira show, a mystical candemble voodoo ceremony or the never ending festival, be it on a street or a beach. 


Morro de Sao Paulo

Leżak Nurkowanie Impreza Snorkeling

A catamaran will take you to the island of Morro de Sao Paulo. The island’s scenery is genuinely as pretty as a postcard, with one crucial difference, you really can really touch the soft white sand, dive in the crystal clear water and feel the shade of lush green palm trees on your own skin! Even though quite a number of tourists from Salvador come here, you can still find peaceful beaches and candle-lit tropical bars at night that will make you feel as if you're in heaven.


Back to Europe


Return to Salvador and then flight to Europe.


The above travel plan is just an example of what you might expect when travelling with Planet Escape. We tailor each travel plan to the individual client’s needs and we carefully select the right beach, accommodation, activities and the length of stay to suit your individual requirements.



The hotel in Salvador is a four-star resort with two swimming pools. Situated up an enormous cliff, it boasts the most stunning view of the ocean from your room window. The city centre is 15 kilometres away and the idyllic beaches just nearby, making it the perfect place to lay down on the warm sand and enjoy the cooling shade of palm trees. Should you prefer to stay in the centre and commute to the beach, we can also offer an alternative hotel in the heart of Salvador.

Morro de Sao Paulo

Welcome to tropical heaven! The guest house we invite you to is a cosy resort just next to the beach, surrounded by tropical gardens filled with exotic plants, birds and the rustle of the brook flowing by. The resort includes only ten bungalows, which assures you peace and quiet. In the rooms there are all the facilities essential for your pleasant stay – in some of the bungalows there is even an open-air jacuzzi. The whole complex has been receiving the best marks in various rankings for years. 


Bahia state’s cuisine combines the culinary traditions of the Africans, Europeans and native Americans. Its leading dishes are based on excellent Brazilian beef. This is why one of the most popular types of restaurant are churrasco bars where a wide range of barbecued meat dishes, served on long skewers, are available. What is truly unbeatable in Brazil is the seafood – especially Bahian moqueca made with prawns and fish. On every corner of Salvador you will find traditionally-dressed women selling local specialties, but probably the most delightful meals you get there are the Brazilian breakfasts. Fresh juice, freshly baked crunchy bread and cakes make them most likely the best breakfasts on the globe. Not to mention the flavours and aromas of the local fruit, which deserve to have their own book written about them.

Price includes:

  • Round-trip flight Europe-Salvador.
  • Accommodation (6 nights in Salvador and 6 nights on Morro de Sao Paulo – delicious breakfasts included!).
  • Insurance: Emergency Medical Expenses 30,000 EUR; Accident 4,000 EUR; lost luggage 500 EUR.
  • Escape Box including Escape Book, which is a bespoke guide book with detailed travel plans and instructions. In the Box you will also find printed flight tickets, vouchers and a surprise.

Price does not include:

  • Meals (except for breakfasts).
  • Taxi from the airport to the hotel in Salvador ($50) and catamaran from Salvador to the island ($50).
  • Admission tickets to tourist attractions.


The price above is only an estimate. A final price will be indicated in the offer we prepare for you.