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planet escape

15 days

Bhutan + Andaman Islands

From 2300 eur

A riot of landscapes, colour, sounds, aromas and flavours in Rajasthan and the deep mysticism of Bhutan. Contemplate the boundless ocean from the pearly beaches of the Adaman islands. Pack your suitcase and set out on an unforgettable journey!

Bhutan and the Andaman Islands have always been among the most mysterious and remote places to the European mind and it is only recently that they have started to flirt with contemporary trends and gradually open up to the world to show what they have to offer. And it's a lot! After a week of exploring the charms of the subcontinent, we invite you to stay in a cosy bungalow in the Andaman Islands. This is just the place to spend endless hours admiring the beauty of the Andaman Sea, working on your tan with a refreshing drink in your hand, enjoying the gentle waves or even swimming with elephants! We can arrange for you a fascinating cultural tour at the beginnng of your trip, when you soak up the unique experiences of the spiritual country of Bhutan, after which it'll be time to put your feet up and wind down in the idyllic surroundings of sun, water and laughter.

When to go?

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15 days

Travel plan




Departure to Asia.




At the airport you meet your private driver and guide. He will take you to the hotel in the centre of Delhi and also arrange, if you wish, a time for you to explore the city with him. Delhi has been for centuries the heart of the Indian subcontinent and boasts a vast cultural and architectonic heritage. In addition to the most remarkable sights, your guide will also reveal to you the less well- known sites of Delhi and take you on a rikshaw ride through the narrow streets of the Old Town.

On your last day, the driver will bring you to the airport from where you take a flight to Badgogra, Western Bengal, where you stay for one night before going to Bhutan and discover another fascinating place.



Zabytki Trekking

In the morning, after breakfast, the driver will take you to the airport in Badgogra from where you depart directly to Bhutan. At the airport you'll be warmly greeted by a Bhutanese local, who'll show you all the mysteries of his country over the next couple of days. Bhutan is the most enigmatic and secluded country on Earth. Until the 1960s there were no roads, schools, TV, post nor even a single car. It is only very recently that Bhutan has opened up to visitors from the outside world, allowing in just a few tourists each year. The itinery of your stay in Bhutan is best arranged on the spot by discussing it with your guide. Our must-sees are monasteries, temples, Himalayan panoramas and centres of handicraft.

On the last day of your stay in the Kingdom of Bhutan your guide will see you off at the airport from where you depart to Madras - the capital city of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where you take a plane to the Andaman Islands the following day.


Andaman Islands

Leżak Mapa Nurkowanie Snorkeling Statek Surifing

A driver will take you from your hotel in Madras to the airport, where you take a flight to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands. On arrival, you meet our representative who will go with you to Havelock Island.

It's only been a few years since the Indian government has allowed foreign tourists access to the islands, which for decades used to be virtually inaccessible for non-Indian citizens. Apart from their natural beauty of landscape, the islands offer a lot of adventures, such as swimming with elephants or meeting people from the indigenous tribes inhabiting the land. Of course, we don't have to mention that the wide stretches of white sand and crystal clear water are waiting there for you as well….


Back to Europe


Transfer back to the airport in Port Blair and flight back to Europe via Madras.


The above travel plan is just an example of what you might expect when travelling with Planet Escape. We tailor each travel plan to individual client’s needs and we carefully select the right beach, accommodation, activities and the length of stay to suit your individual requirements.



In Delhi we go for functionality, tidiness and convenience of location. Because you'll be cruising the city from morning till evening, we don't arrange extravagantly luxurious hotels, but provide elegant 3-star hotels, where you can recover after a day's walking. They are also close to the main attractions of the city and attractive local restaurants.


In Bhutan we arrange comfy 2- or 3-star hotels built and decorated according to local tradition. That means the main materials are stone and wood, the latter dominating in the finishing of the rooms’ design.

Andaman Islands

The hotel you stay at mirrors the atmosphere of the islands: idyllic, relaxing and comfy. Among the many advantages of the resort, it's worth  mentioning its location -– just next to the beach and at the same time a stone’s throw away from a diving centre.


INDIA: Indian cuisine consists of innumerable flavours, aromas and colours. Every meal is an exciting journey among spices and ingredients composed in a way you might never have imagined! Must-tries are thali -– a set meal comprised of over a dozen small bowls, each one containing a different specialty – and dosa –- a thin pancake served with spicy potatoes. Meat lovers should not miss tandoori -– meat marinated in a variety of seasonings and roasted in a traditional clay oven. A detailed cuisine guide will be provided in your personal Escape Book you get just before your trip.

BHUTAN: The ethnic diversity of the Bhutan people has a direct influence on  the local cuisine. Large quantities of red rice are consumed here, usually spiced up with a fair dose of saffron. This is, however, only the staple, which is further enriched by various additions – many kinds of vegetables and fruit, as well as mushrooms. Apart from rice, staple foods are also corn and buckwheat. Other products beloved by the Bhutanese are: dried meat, cheese, lentils and chilli pepper. More surprising for a European palate are the fern and bamboo leaves or dried algae. Favourite meats are pork, beef, lamb and poultry. The locals also take delight in dried vegetables spiced with chilli.

As you can see, your journey will not only be about visiting exceptional places or enjoying idyllic beaches – it can most of all become a culinary adventure! We bet you won't think of fries, pizza or European steaks. Just let the local cooks take care of your palates.

Price includes:

  • Flights Europe-Delhi, Madras-Europe.
  • Flight Delhi-Bagdogra-Bhutan.
  • Flight Bhutan-Bagdogra-Madras-Andaman Islands.
  • Flight Andaman Islands-Madras.
  • All transfers by private car, and boat in the Andaman Islands.
  • 2-days sightseeing in Delhi by car and with an English speaking guide.
  • 4 days in Bhutan with a local guide, transportation by car.
  • Accommodation (2 night in Delhi, 1 in Siliguri (Western Bengal), 3 in Bhutan, 1 in Madras, 5 in the Andaman Islands).
  • Breakfasts in Bhutan – all meals.
  • Bhutanese visa.
  • Insurance KL 30,000 EUR; NW 15,000 PLN; lost luggage 2,000 PLN.
  • Escape Box including Escape Book, which is a bespoke guide book with detailed travel plans and instructions. In the Box you will also find printed flight tickets, vouchers and a surprise.

Price does not include:

  • Meals (except for those mentioned above).
  • Indian visa (60 EUR).


We reserve the right to change the estimated price since the cost of flights constitute the larger portion of the whole sum. The cost of those may be subject to change every week.