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Remarkable hand-picked destinations

First of all, we would never send you to places where we ourselves would not go! At Planet Escape we carefully choose places that are a world apart from the tourist tumult. We aim to give you the experience of something truly unique, something you will reminisce about for a long time to come. Over the years we have spent travelling around the world, we have personally picked the best hotels, beaches and islands. That's why you can rest assured  that all the resorts, restaurants, diving centres or spa's that we recommend are of high quality.

Say NO to concrete behemoths!

When it comes to accommodation, Planet Escape chooses venues which are out-of-the-ordinary and we offer you nothing but!  By extraordinary we specifically do not mean large all-inclusive resorts jam-packed with tourists. Places of this kind are, from our point of view, a negation of the philosophy of travel. We believe that travelling, apart from its literal meaning of physical displacement, should also stimulate one to explore one's own self as well as enable the traveller to perceive the world from a different perspective. How could such a change of perception be possible in a hotel that looks exactly the same no matter if you are on Zanzibar, in the Philippines or Mexico?

Our style - bamboo bungalows

As mentioned above, when choosing your venue, we go for cosy locations off the beaten track, preferably designed according to local traditions and which harmonise with the surrounding unspoilt environment. Instead of the a dull, ubiquitous and jam-packed hotel, discover the delights of staying in a traditional bamboo hut in a tranquil resort next to a secluded, pristine beach. We do not neglect your comfort either, the accommodation we arrange for you is always of high quality – interiors equipped with all the necessary facilities and exteriors reminiscent of the hearts of tropical gardens.

Authentic cuisine

While travelling with Planet Escape, make the most of experiencing the local culture by getting to know its cuisine! Instead of the plain all-inclusive meals in most hotels, we can provide traditional breakfasts and bespoke  "Escape Books" tailor-made for you and containing our advice and specific directions to restaurants and bars frequented by the locals, where the best curries or freshest prawns are served.