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Relax, stretch, dive into the water… jump on the surfboard, bend your legs and catch the wind. There you go! Surf and feel an exhilarating sense of freedom, then… turn left! Steer clear of the swimmers and turn right! Now it's just you, the sea and the setting sun. Soon, you'll start to see the waves not as obstacles but as a means of lifting you up into the air. Before you know it,  your board, the sun and the ocean have become the main point of your holiday!

While travelling with Planet Escape you can find both surfing centres with instructors for beginners and exciting locations for old-hands. We have been to and inspected each of the places we recommend, so trust us – these are the best you can get! Apart from the magnificent conditions for surfing, fantastic evenings are guaranteed when, after a day spent in the ocean, you get to put your feet up in a hammock in the shade of palm trees and recharge your batteries before the next morning's assault on the waves!

Our top choices – kitesurfing in the Philippines and on Zanzibar.

What country to choose?