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planet escape


Romantic dinners in the moonlight consumed to the gentle hum of the turquoise water and cooling breeze slightly arching the coconut palms. Apart from the two of you there is just a turtle lazing about on a secluded beach… Enjoy the vibe of ultimate chill out during your honeymoon.

Hurried arrangements, sending invitations, polishing up on your dancing skills, before marriage teachings… These never-ending preparations should be rewarded with something more than just the day of your wedding. What would you say to moving in time and space, just the two of you? Waking up in a bamboo bungalow, heading out straight to the beach and starting a day with swimming in the azure blue water? Swinging in a hammock sipping pina colada during daytime and enjoying a romantic dinner on an idyllic island in the evening?

If all these sounds like fun to you, do not hesitate any longer – leave things to us, experts on travelling. We plan everything while you are getting ready for the wedding, so that just after it is all over and guests are gone, you can just go and enjoy your time together in one of the heavenly destinations. Fantastic Gili islands in Indonesia, exclusive bungalows on Maldives or golden sands of Mexico? The choice is yours! Let us surprise you with arranging a bespoke honeymoon just for the two of you in a way that will stay in your memory forever.