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Why Planet Escape?

Our trips are first and foremost aimed at those who are tired of the effects of mass tourism and of staying in ubiquitous, anonymous concrete hotels. Instead, based on our vast experience and insider, on the ground knowledge, we arrange stays in tranquil bungalows located in secluded coconut grooves or other idyllic locations which have not yet experienced the effects of hordes of tourists. 


What makes us stand out from other travel agencies?

Well… pretty much everything!

  1. All the trips organized by Planet Escape are customized – meaning that we consult with you on every detail of the programme in order to make your dream holiday come true! Fancy exploring a tropical, Robinson Crusoe-style island, then hopping to another for a Full Moon Party on the beach? Or maybe elephant trekking sounds like more fun to you? Feel free to pick places, activities and the accommodation of your choice and we'll make sure to tailor them precisely for you so that your dream holiday is guaranteed.
  2. You will never have to compromise on your wishes with other people. The trip is planned just for you and our on-the-ground partners will take care of your every need in each of the places you visit.
  3. Under no circumstances would we ever send you to a dull tourist ghetto. When travelling with Planet Escape, expect rather stylish bungalows that blend in with the surrounding environment.
  4. We make it possible for you to gain an authentic insight into the culture of the countries you visit, through real experience of the local cuisine as much as anything else. That's why we do not offer western-style buffets with fries, steaks or cream cakes and the like, which are virtually a set piece of all-inclusive trips. Instead, what you get with us is precise information, local knowledge and detailed maps guiding you to the best local restaurants, bars and street stands. Drop in on Mrs Nguyen’s place, where she prepares the best Vietnamese chicken soup in Hanoi or Mrs Gupta with her heavenly coconut-dipped prawns in Goa. Trust us, these beat the most sophisticated delicacies any hotel has to offer hands down!

Are we going with a guide?

No. In our opinion there is nothing worse than being herded about when travelling and having each detail of the trip planned for you. Of course we do not just leave you to your own devices either – here is our optimised offer:

Our partner picks you up at the airport on arrival, provides you with handy information and assists during transfers to all your destinations or in case any problem occurs. Meanwhile, you can organise your daily activities and excursions exactly as you wish from the wealth of information and insider knowledge we provide.

For each trip we create an Escape Book - an individual bespoke guide helping you to find your way at every step of your trip. It will provide you with directions to a beautiful waterfall or the best curry place in town, advise you on the local culture and customs and much more.


How do we work? – step by step

Contact us via an e-mail or call and we can start discussing the priorities of your trip. Please describe your idea of a dream holiday: how many islands would you like to visit? Would you rather stay in the city centre or in in the middle of a jungle? Do you feel like doing a cookery course or maybe you want to learn how to scuba-dive?

  1. In accordance with your wish list, we make preliminary accommodation reservations, flights and transfers and complete a general itinerary of the whole trip.
  2. The initial itinerary can still be modified according to your wishes. When you are satisfied with the final version, we kindly ask you to sign the contract (this can be found on our website) and transfer the amount due to our bank account. As soon as we receive this, we purchase the plane tickets and confirm all hotel and transfer reservations.
  3. While you eagerly wait for your holidays to begin we compose your Escape Box – this includes the bespoke Escape Book as well as your tickets, vouchers and a surprise gift from us.

Why travelling with us is not expensive?

Firstly, all the accommodation we arrange are places we have personally stayed in and have first-hand experience of. That's why we are able to offer many considerable discounts. Secondly, we have mastered the art of mining through the myriads of airlines offers in order to find the best priced tickets for you. Travelling with Planet Escape is simply cheaper than dealing with all the travel arrangements on your own.


What about visas, vaccinations and such?

After booking a travel with Planet Escape, we provide you with a stock of essential facts about the country you are going to, from visa requirements and vaccine requirements, right down to the type of local electricity plugs. Around two weeks before your departure we send you an Escape Box including the Escape Book – a bespoke travel guide prepared just for your trip. There is also a complete set of tickets and vouchers plus an additional surprise.