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First and foremost we consider ourselves to be travellers. People who have not only traversed the world a couple of times, but also spent a good few years living, studying and working abroad. This has enabled us to get to know a huge variety of places and cultures like the backs of our hands. We are also aware however that there is always something out there as yet unknown. To date, we have discovered a whole cluster of tiny island paradises, magical bungalows, hidden among green, bursting palm trees and secluded villages that seem to be lost in time and space. In a word, places that have not yet seen the tourist onslaught of the jam-packed all-inclusive tours.

Delighted that locations such as those mentioned above still exist, we decided to share our experience with those of you who are looking to avoid the tourist tumult. In exchange for concrete behemoth hotels we can offer  eco-lodges which blend  harmoniously with their surroundings. Instead of crowded noisy beaches, you can be free to enjoy your own pristine stretches of alabaster sand.

Before we established Planet Escape, while still working for large corporations, we used to share our travel knowledge only with our closest friends, who initially believed that going to exotic, remote destinations was simply beyond their reach, both logistically and financially. We proved them wrong. Again and again, they returned from trips happy, relaxed and grateful that we had helped them to achieve their dream and experience something unique. At some point we realized that we too derived a great deal  of satisfaction from helping them and then, quite naturally, the idea of creating Planet Escape came to life. So here we are, excited and ready to create the travel plan of your dreams.


Exploring new places around the world is my greatest passion. While still at university, I left on my first big journey during which I traversed the Asian subcontinent (with a longer stay in South-East Asia) followed by Australia, Oceania and both the Americas. That was when I got permanently bitten by the travel bug. From that time on, I try to travel and discover new idyllic locations as often as I can, at the same time planning and investigating new routes for our clients.

My professional experience is quite varied, especially in geographical terms; I have been a house painter in England, a bar tender in Australia, cleaned up the seabed after a tsunami in Thailand and taught English in Guatemala. Before setting up Planet Escape I worked for a bank dealing with business clients and also for a travel agency. These experiences, my knowledge of the world and reputation for reliability now became the base for leading Planet Escape – a 100% client-oriented company specializing in tailoring the journey of your dreams.


While I was still working in the City of London as a tax adviser, I started noticing symptoms suggesting that most probably I had chosen the wrong profession. One of them was that while my colleagues kept tax codes on their desks, I found mostly travel guides on mine.

Exploring various cultures has always been something I was good at. I spent quite some time living abroad or travelling in areas of the world that I was drawn to. For two years I lived in China, travelling, teaching English at the university of Shanghai and translating for the United Nations office in Beijing. Then came a year-long roam throughout India and Pakistan where I had a close shave in almost accepting an offer from a mullah to become a student in his madrasa. Instead, to change perspectives, I moved to Brazil where I stayed half a year in Salvador working on my Portuguese. Then, for 6 months, I travelled to Malaysia to learn the language and in the meantime help my host run his business there.

While travelling, I mostly get excited about remote, undiscovered places a world away from mass tourism. Places where people have never heard of McDonald’s and where people live traditional lifestyles, carefree of the worries of  the modern world. From what we have on offer, I would particularly recommend two places of this kind – authentic Yemen and the wild nature paradise of  Sao Tome and Principe.


My first memories to do with travelling are from a TV show hosted by two Polish explorers – Elżbieta Dzikowska and Tony Halik. To the 6-year old girl that I was back then, it was a weekly 40 minute journey to exotic destinations, which at that time were completely out of my reach. I particularly remember an episode produced in Kenya and Tanzania showing a mother lion teaching her cubs how to hunt. I remember that it was then that I decided I was going to become a professional traveller and the first place on the map would be Tanzania.

After some time real life overtook my dreams. Straight after graduating I started working as a seller and for a while my great travel plans took a back seat. However, those childhood plans resurfaced and I eventually plucked up the courage to go and conquer Asia. My first stop was the Philippines, which quite simply stole my heart! Next came Africa, where I started in Tanzania , thereby fulfilling my childhood dream.

Thanks to travelling, I am now more open to new challenges and, generally speaking, all aspects of everyday life. I learned to accept myself as well as the people around me. I believe travelling not only gives most of us pleasure, but also has a tremendous  influence on the human personality, simply because what you see, feel or learn stays with you forever. That is why I believe in Planet Escape’s mission. I hope that we manage to enthuse you with the idea of constant exploration of our planet.